December 10, 2021

Christmas stocking

Welcome to our first DIY craft tutorial with Happy Chou! Clémence Perrin, aka @HappyChou_ig, creator of Monaco's favourite craft ateliers, has teamed up with Les Petits to offer a monthly DIY craft atelier to do at home with your kids. Being Christmas time, the first craft atelier has to be a Santa Sack. 

What You Need:

  • Sack
  • Felt & foam
  • Transfer & parchment paper
  • Glue & Templates
  • Textile felt
  • Glitter & Confetti
  • Christmas ball & thread


Note: This workshop is to be carried out with an adult. Start this workshop in a quiet place without visual or auditory disturbance so that your child is focused. Show him the final photo to give him an idea of ​​what he might want to achieve. 

Should you wish, Clémence from @happychou_ig can easily provide you with a material kit. Please see her contact details below for materials and bookings for her workshops in Monaco.


Let's Get Crafting:

  1. In order to fix the transfer paper, trace the shape or letters in gray pencil on the side with the black point, then cut out the outlines. Heat your iron on maximum. Then use the baking paper on your transfer paper and press for 10 sec with the iron. A plastic film must then be removed.


  1. You can cut out the models to place them on the felt / foam paper / transfer paper to trace their outlines in pencil. It will then be necessary to cut the shape again in order to glue it on the sack for the foam and the felt, or in order to apply it with an iron for the transfer paper. The textile felt also allows you to customise your sack, it has a thin tip and a thicker one for the fillings. All you have to do is place the model to be traced inside the sack to trace its contours.


  1. Glitter and confetti can be glued in the same way as felt and foam with the glue.

crafts christmas.    crafts diy

  1. To decorate your sack with a Christmas bauble use the thread and a needle and sew it in the chosen place. It is not necessary to fill the entire surface of the hood with creations, just do something you like :-)

Happy chou DIY

Take advantage of this moment with your family to build beautiful memories. Enjoy the workshop!


Contact Details:

Clémence Perrin
Telephone: +33 663654202
Instagram: @happychou_ig

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