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Natural Pikler Triclimb Climbing Frame

The classic Triclimb triangle climbing frame with a quick folding mechanism. Perfectly shaped to encourage children to stand, climb and conquer at their own pace, which forms the basis of Montessori pedagogy. The Triclimb climbing frame naturally inspires confidence and builds strength in your little ones as they reach new stages of development. Each step on the ladder signals a new accomplishment and a new goal.

Children begin to reach and pull themselves onto the frame around 9 months. At this young age, Triclimb provides a stable platform perfect for the first steps in a standing position. As confidence and muscle strength increase, children can begin to climb the ladder and eventually reach the top. At the top of the Triclimb there are two rungs rather than one, allowing kids to pause, assess and spin before descending the other side. When given the opportunity, children reach each stage through their own determination, success is theirs.

More information about Triclimb and the Pikler climbing frame:

The origins of the Pikler triangular climbing frame come from Emmi Pikler, a Hungarian pediatrician who pioneered theories of child development in the 1930s/40s. These theories revolved around a respectful relationship between child and parent and the natural progression of motor development through free movement and play. Emmi Pikler believed it was important to provide children with the ability to move naturally based on their inherent abilities. This is the very essence of Triclimb.

The original Pikler triangle is based on the thinking of Emmi Pikler, a pediatrician from Vienna. She developed a new theory of child development in the 1930s/40s, which was to encourage children to move freely and develop at their own pace. She observed that according to accident statistics, children who were given the freedom to move freely, climb and jump as they pleased were generally more physically fit and could fall without injury due to better understanding of their body and its limits. Pikler devoted most of her life to understanding the natural developmental needs of children, and founded the Lóczy Orphanage in 1946, where she encouraged a comfortable atmosphere that fostered the conditions necessary for healthy play.

Patterns are the repetitive behaviors your child engages in to learn new skills, like rolling a car back and forth all day. They are very useful for cognitive development and allow the child to grow and acquire adult skills, such as driving a car. The Triclimb is really great at supporting a few major play and behavior patterns. In particular, the Triclimb promotes orientation, trajectory and confinement.

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