Emil Rattan Baby Crib & Mattress

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We are so in love with this beautiful Emil rattan baby crib by Bermbach Handcrafted. Featured in Vogue...and for good reason too, it is as stylish as it is functional. A true heirloom piece that is designed to last generations. 

All Bermbach Handcrafted products are exactly that - handcrafted. Designed in Germany and made by artisan producers by hand in Indonesia. Everything is made exclusively from sustainable natural materials (rattan, wood, organic cotton, coconut fibres) and 100% pollutant-free components without using plastics. Cow skin leather is used for the leather binding, which is tanned naturally and thus contributes to the product’s superior longevity. Bermbach Handcrafted also ensures that their custom-made eco-mattresses made in Germany from certified organic coconut fibres and new wool are as natural as possible. 

Fine straps of vegetable-tanned leather wrap around every single connection point in the weave, providing additional strength. The warm, natural colours of rattan and leather blend into a fascinating pattern. You can see the craftsmanship that goes into Bermbach Handcrafted furniture at first glance. Like the other cribs, Emil also stands on an elegant base made of curved steel with Mango-wood feet.

The mattress is shaped exactly to fit the crib and made from organic cotton and stuffed with natural fibres. Optional. 

Crib materials: Rattan natural, natural tanned leather, metal legs, mango-wood feet. Country of Origin: Indonesia

Eco friendly mattress materials: Coco-core, organic sheep-wool, organic cotton, KBA-certificated. Cover washable at 60 Degrees. Country of origin: Germany

Dimensions crib: Length : 98 cm, width : 53 cm, height of the crib: 45,5 cm, feet height: 41 cm, floor length: 80 cm, width between the legs: 53 cm

Dimensions mattress: 70 x 50 cm

Age: From birth to 1 year
*Complimentary Shipping for this item*

This item is handmade to order and shipped directly from Bermbach Handcrafted in Germany. Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.