GALDHØP climbing arch - 4 Colours

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The GALDHØP climbing arch by Finnish brand FitWood is a multi-functional kid's active toy. It has been designed to support active play and diverse development of gross motor skills, coordination, balance, and strength. Climbing fulfils kids natural built-in need to learn new things and learning to climb is a wonderful way to get physically active and build kids’ confidence. The GALDHØP also has many other functions beyond climbing. It can be used as a rocker, play fort, baby gym, goal, kids’ table, toy storage or as a side table!

 When turned upside down GALDHØP climbing arch works as a rocker – perfect for little pirates to voyage in or to be used as a dreamy naptime nest. For this use we recommend getting the SANDHØP cushion which makes the use of the arch as a rocker safer and more comfortable.


  • Climbing arch
  • Rocker
  • Toy storage
  • Side table
  • Play fort frame
  • Activity table
  • Football goal
  • Any other fun and games the kids come up with

The age range for using the climbing arch is 0–9 years:

· 0–12 m/o can use it as baby gym, rocker or support for crawling and learning to stand

· 1–5 y/o can use it as climbing arch, rocker, play fort, goal etc.

· 6–9 y/o can use it as table, rocker, play fort, goal etc.

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