Who we are, why we started and what we can offer you!


Hello and welcome to Les Petits ! Created by me, Lauren McCreery in 2021, an Irish mother of a little girl, living on the French Riviera. With a background in fashion journalism, aesthetics and beautiful style have always been important to me. 

While redecorating my daughter's room, I realized that I couldn't easily find all of today's must-haves in one place, or without endlessly browsing websites. And so I thought - what if there was instead a site with a careful selection of all the important elements in one place. Which would not offer all the possible options, which caused us to get lost and end up frustrated, but only the best, selected with a lot of work and know-how. 

A children's site that looks like a fashion magazine, with shopping features that the customer will enjoy reading and purchasing. With all items presented directly available for purchase on site. No more searching on different sites when you see a child's room or bedroom you like on Instagram! Easy to navigate, beautifully presented and full of inspiring images. Les Petits are born.


Offering a carefully curated selection of the world's best children's brands. A mix of Scandinavian, French, Spanish and Japanese brands offering only the most beautiful and sought-after premium wooden toys, furniture and decorations for children's playrooms and bedrooms.

To allow customers to be inspired by beautifully decorated bedrooms and playrooms, AND shop all the items in one place. Enabling time-strapped parents to create inspiring spaces for their children to sleep, dream and play, in the simplest way possible.


Sustainability : 

Like many parents of young children, I worry about the future of the world as they currently know it. To best play our role, all of our shipping packaging is recyclable, including the adhesive tape. We try to work with environmentally friendly brands as much as possible - these will be indicated on the product pages. All wooden products stored on our site will only be painted with non-toxic paint, this is very important to us.

Corporate culture :

Like all mothers, when I had our daughter four years ago, my priorities changed. Béa will always be my priority, but I also need to work, to have something for myself, to flourish creatively as I did before motherhood. My goal with Les Petits is to create a company that allows a good balance between professional and private life, particularly supporting other mothers who wish to do the same, while offering parents the best mix of high-end products and design inspiration for their children.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the site as much as I did when I built it.

Lauren x

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